Ministry Updates 2016



“2016 has been such a challenging and blessing year for us; God has been opening doors for our team. Many lives have been touch, especially young girls from K. College at Chemin Grenier. These Girls came from broken families. Now these girls know Jesus and their family has been restored, we praise the Lord that he uses our team to help to impact these girls lives the way he wanted us to. We started with a group of 7 students and we ended the year with 34 students who al received Christ as Lord and Savior”— Tiah

“God has been at work in marvelous ways in and through the life of students. What is happening is a pure example of a Catalytic Movement; God is being at work in ways that is beyond all expectations. 330 students have been trained for action and together as a team, 2171 people have been approached by the Gospel among which more than 882 have received Jesus as Lord and Savior. 255 Students self-identified themselves as Engaged Disciples among which 39 self-identified themselves as Multiplying Disciples. For instance one students, with the Help and grace of God, help more than 700 of her friends to received Christ in only one day!! There is no doubt that God is leading and building up a new generation of Multiplying Leaders among the students” —Chris


“We got the visit of a Jesus Film team from America comprising of 12 members who came to Mauritius for one week of training with different churches and students. During this intensive training, there were 248 people who were trained and 7 students gave their life to the Lord during 2 outreach days on the campus.

Just after their  visit, a Mauritian team went for a Jesus Film mission trip to Rodrigues and Seychelles. In Rodrigues 97 people were trained and 26 people gave their life to Jesus during an outreach. We got a very positive response from churches who invited us for training. An exposure has been made in a High School there where 72 students have been exposed to the Gospel”.— Samuel


“I was assigned the responsibility to lead one of the Ministry Critical Components of CCCM which is the SLM (Student Led Movement). Soon, I was asked to join the conference in Pretoria which gathered Southern and Eastern Africa delegates for training. This was a golden opportunity for me to have a wider view of this new responsibility I was assigned to and meet up with those who like me are leading in SLM. The objective was clear and proper guidelines were given so as to ensure that each SLM leaders are well equipped for the Ministry. I never though that CCC was such a big family and as organized as this, CCC has indeed the potential to make God proud. I am really thankful to God for being part of this movement and being at the front row seeing God’s hand at work.’’—Chris

“This has been my first trip to South Africa as a CCCM staff where I had the opportunity to learn a lot from our foreign brothers and sisters. This conference enabled me to have a different perspective about Ministry which has really been an encouragement for me. It was also a big challenge for me as in my MCC area, I was the youngest guy and new in church planting movement. During our training and workshops I enjoyed times of sharing with different leaders from different countries. I understood clearly the DeepLife goal and how to work things together to achieve it. Before the MCC conference we had used the Jesus Film for several outreaches with big results, and in Pretoria we met some people from the Jesus Film projection of America where we learned a lot on the Jesus Film Project which encouraged us to keep sharing the gospel using the Jesus Film App. Our time of worship was something that I can’t forget as seeing Africans worshiping our Lord is great. I got deep moment of prayer with our brothers from oversea. I am thankful to God for this connection which has been established within the different countries and the way we keep sharing and encouraging each other also to be part of the CCC family.’’— Samuel


“The SLM orientation in Botswana was a golden opportunity for me to be able to understand clearly what the Lord is expecting for me as I am leading the SLM in Mauritius. Together with me, all those who were assigned this responsibility also to join this orientation. The themes elaborated speak for themselves “Job Description of a SLM Leader, Developing and leading from a strategic planning, Coaching your Leaders, Helping Women in their responsibilities in CCC, Leading with Information, Prayer and Fasting, Raising Fund for your Ministry, among others ’’ But one of my greatest highlight was meeting with the students at Botswana University. I was dreaming with my eyes wide open. It was the first time that I was able to see students leading and owning the vision to see their peers know Jesus. They, themselves developed strategies and approaches to raise fund, create events, lead groups, etc.… It was really Student LED movement. This really triggered in me this passion to see Mauritian students leading as the Lord is guiding them to. Students are not only the leaders of tomorrow but the leaders of Today! Unless they find their purpose in God, they will not be able to lead from a healthy soul. Lets Keep praying for all the SLM staffs, volunteers and the students” — Chris


Campus Crusade for Christ Mauritius has organized “Holiday Boosters” during the winter holidays for two consecutive Tuesdays at the Office. During the first “Booster” 11 students were present where we spent time in prayers, worship and training about how to share their testimony and the Story of “Creation to Christ”.  The next week, 33 students from different high schools and universities joined this event where they completed the training. Soon, most of them started to take initiative and shared the Gospel with those God put on their heart and they launched SWAT (Student With A Testimony). The Lord is using them as catalytic agents right where they are.


“Since Several Years my husband and I we decided that we would celebrate Christmas Differently so we chose for the past years to invite somebody to spend the Christmas week with us. This year we had the privilege with the help of some friends to spend time around a Jesus Film show, Barbecue, Games and presents distributions for some 33 kids & Youths from the Woman and Children Shelter and their staffs. We are so grateful to the Almighty for his provision. It made our Christmas”—Megane, Nadine & Bruno

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“As a team from Mauritius, we felt privileged to attend Pamoja Conference in Lusaka Zambia this end of December 2016. It was exciting to be part of the 2600 delegates from all over Africa and other countries. We shared this vision to “Raise a new generation of transformational leaders for a new Africa and Beyond”.

What have impacted us the most is that  the leaders and all the participants have one goal in common- the heart and joy of reaching their nations and Africa on a whole for Jesus Christ. Mauritius led the workshop on Jesus Film training. Through the aftermath of Pamoja, 600 people accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior in one outreach.”— Jonathan





We started focusing on 1 Chron 4:10  which Dr Farai shared with us in December 2014. ”
Jabez cried out to the God of Israel, “Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.” And God granted his request.”

We prayed that prayer and God answered  it in amazing ways. We started the year with 45$ as monthly salary, it was tough but we had good coaches that are prayer warriors ( Tariku & Buze). Nadine my wife fasted for 40 days and we had several 7 days fast & pray time (May & November) and almost every Friday we had a half day fast & prayer day for the CCC Team.

God answered our prayers in ways we cannot understand. The ministry were stuck before that but our God gave us new directions, ideas and opportunities. New partnerships were made with God -given contacts and we started training churches with the Deeplife and T4T strategies.

Nadine & I have been in ministry more than 10 years together and we have won around 200 people and 2 churches planted But with this new approach our team have won 459 people in 1 year with 1 church planted+2 home churches+4 cells groups+ a least 6 houses of peace.

We had some special events such as T4T gathering in January and we gather around 85 people. Indigitous in April around 35 participants. We had our celebrating Easter differently projects and we distributed 1600 letters from the Father to the students, we distributed 1500 JF Dvds & Bibles to 1500 families in 3 different regions. We were able to show my last day in a class of 40 students where 11 raised their hands to receive the Lord. We were part of a National Youth Conference in November dubbed ARISE & SHINE where 650 were exposed to the Great Commission challenge and how  they can be involved in different ministries.

Another highlights is the group we’ve trained in Bambous. We trained 35 people to be multiplying disciples, 3 weeks after the initial T4T training they won 45 people and started 4 cell groups. Last month they had another outreach and won 100 other people for the Lord… now they are raising fund to build a place to gather all the people for worship. God is great and we give him the Glory.

Concerning DMPD, we have discovered that the Lord has in stored everything we need. We are not at our full support yet but we will reach there in the coming year 2016.

The Lord has enlarged our scope by granting us the privilege to oversee Rodrigues, Seychelles, Reunion and Mayotte in the year 2016. We pray that on each of these Islands movement will be launched everywhere.

On the family side God healed our daughter from fits & seizures. We rejoice everyday with her after 8 years.


Pastors and leaders were skeptic about letting us training their youth and students in the beginning but now when they hear what’s happening and after sharing the Deeplife vision & plan they are eager to partner with us.

Funding also was a challenge as we could had a greater impact in Rodrigues if  we could get them a projector and tickets to go there.



Of course we are far from our 2016 and 2020 goals but i do believe with this new Hockey stick strategy that we have been exposed recently in Turkey, it  will help us accelerate movement launching everywhere. Focus on Catalytic..(Explore-Challenge-Coach-Multiply) and implement it everywhere we go.

Explore the Islands and Search for KVs on every targeted campuses & High Schools and train them in Catalytic ( Deeplife-T4T strategies)


As D.L Moody said it so well:

If God is your partner, Make your plan Big…

Our prayer for 2016 is:

Lord give us the Indian Ocean Islands students for your Glory.

We want the Gospel to reach Every student in the I.O.I

We want to see movement on Every Campuses & High School in the I.O.I

We want to see Multiplying Leaders in Every of these Islands.






January 2015

By God’s grace we’ve made it to 2015. One of the verses the Lord gave me for this year is Ps 81:10 where it says OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND I WILL FILL. It is one of my key verse for this year. We trust God as we slave for him, He will take care of us and provide for us. By faith we keep on marching, spreading his word to the unreached people group.

We praise God and thank him that our Deeplife Project T4T strategies part 2 was very successful. We had an attendance of 100 people that have been involved in the training for the past months. We had a good time of worship, testimonies but also a challenging time to encourage our audience to be multiplying Disciples. 27 people gave their names to become trainers to help in training groups on Discipleship and Evangelism. We praise God for we have on our list more than 20 other groups to train in 2015.


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We had the opportunity on the 7th of January to bless the kids from one of the shelter we use to work. They had their yearly camp as Blue Bay. The CCCM team and Friends raised to supply their lunch, tea time and dinner. We had a wonderful time with them. I take the opportunity to thank all those who were physically present,those who support us prayerfully and financially. It is an ongoing ministry where most of them are students and from broken families. Keep them in yours prayers as they face life challenges.

Thou it rains or the sun shines Jesus is the same forevermore. He changes not. We stood on for our Spontaneous Praise & Worship project, planned in partnership with the El Shaddai Gospel choir, even if it rained that day. Our focus was on praising and worshiping God. The event was held in the cccm hall and we had a blessed time together with our brothers and sisters from different groups and denominations.







Review of December 2014


Ravi Zacharias said:You can only learn so much from books. You can only learn so much from education. Ultimately, it is the wisdom of God that will carry you through in the toughest situations of life. i have found this deep truth through this year. God has been faithful all the way. He was present in our every struggle, he gave us a shoulder to lean on and swept away our tears and provided to our every need.

Even the year was clouded with persecutions and shadowed by oppositions of every kind, the Lord was our light showing us the way through the tempest of adversity and difficulties. We are grateful for his favor and unmerited grace. The Lord gave us strength to finish our race at CBC well. We have our last baptism service at Flic en flac where 5 people were baptized after following the T4T sessions and baptism course.


We had a Preaching marathon in Isaiah 9:5 for Christmas. We had 5 young men preaching one after the other using the same text. Of course we had a time for Christmas carols and worship, special songs and a fellowship dinner. It was really a great time. On the 25th of December during the Christmas service, we had the Dedication of Faith Marie Jeanne, daughter of Jonas and ketcia MJ.

My last sermon at CBC was based on 2 Pet 3:18 where the Apostle Peter was encouraging the church to Grow in grace and in the Knowledge of Jesus Christ. Yes it was the last word I spoke on the 28th at CBC. As I was reflecting on our journey there since 2010 when I was appointed to serve there, the following words of my friend and partner in ministry said came back to my thoughts.

“Endings” are part of life and Solomon so aptly said that there is a “time for everything under heaven and earth”.

The “sun is setting” on our work here at CBC after 4 years . It was hard at times but as with childbirth, the pain lasts only a moment in comparison with the joy to seeing a new-born baby. This is our testimony  as we reflect back on our time of ministry. We are very aware that it is purely by grace that we can come to the end and can rejoice in the goodness of our God and Saviour Jesus Christ. I am really thankful to God for what he has done. We know he is Sovereign and in Control of everything. He will build his church.

We were blessed to serve in 3 foreign outreaches this year namely in Kenya ,  Rodrigues  and Zimbabwe and it was a real blessing. This is really in what the Lord is calling us to do. WIN, BUILD & SEND, making disciples as we GO.

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Keep us in your prayers as we get into 2015, ready to take the challenges as fulltime missionaries with  Campus Crusade for Christ by Faith. We know for sure that it will not be easy but we are not alone in this. Our Lord has promised that He will never leave us. We need your prayers and support.




T4T neutral pic

John 15:8English Standard Version (ESV)

By this my Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit and so prove to be my disciples.

Since our official launching of the Deeplife Project -T4T Strategies in July 2014, the Lord has been faithful in giving us the opportunities to meet with men and women of peace that have the same vision and passion for Evangelism and Discipleship. In simple words moving together to accomplish the Great Commission as mentioned in Mt 28:19,20

We were honoured by the presence of Dr Farai the SEA Area Director, Tariku Fufa  SEA SLM Regional Director and Mervin Pool CCC Seychelles Director for the event. We were blessed by an attendance of 115 people ( pastors,leaders,student leaders from all denominations)

ccc staffs associates volunteers

Since then the Lord has opened a lot of doors and granted us the opportunities to train groups of people on the Island of Mauritius and in Rodrigues.

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We trained a group of 16 people at the Curepipe Baptist church next to the CCCM office. Most of them are CCCM volunteers and associates. One of them and his wife trained 2 other groups within which people came to know the Lord. We started  a first group of 6 people in Flic en Flac with the help of  Fred one of our ministry partners working together with the same vision of making multiplying disciples and now the group is working in Tamarin doing the same things.

We have started a second group in Flic en Flacwith 25 people after making JF Dvds and Bibles distributions last month. Fred took the responsibility for the training there.

God opened a door for us in La Flora where we started training a group of 25 people including High School students.

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It is amazing how God is working in people’s hearts bringing us together for Making Disciples. Every contact we made said that the Lord is leading them to focus on Discipleship. We got some divine connection with some key leaders that opened doors to share the vision and to do the training. We got an access to Bois Marchand in the North through Pstr Sanjay where we started a group of 24.

God placed on our road key ministry partners such as Fred, Jeff, Ashley, Brendan and his wife, Blackie, Pierre an Ex CCCM board members, Pstr Sanjay, Pstr Lam, all working together to train a maximum of people to accomplish the Great Commission by being a disciple making other Disciples.

Prayer walks have been organized in Cite Florida, JF Dvds & Bibles distribution has been planned for the 22nd of November 2014. Jonathan B is working hard in this region, we have an ongoing T4T training there with a group of 25 people.

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The following is a mail i got:

Hey bro,
Trust that you are doing well by God’s grace.
God is opening doors in Cité Florida! I have just come back from there. I took Jean Philippe with me as I am training him on the field. We met with David who is 17yrs old, today at 12pm. I shared with him my testimony (my story and His story) with him and after that asked him he wanted to have the Lord Jesus Christ in his life. Praise be to God! He gladly accepted Christ in his life. He will be followed up by Michael, pastor Jose’s assistant from now on. Michael lives in Cité Florida and he knows David well. Michael was with us. David will go to pastor Jose’s LVD church this Sunday. We talked a bit more then headed back home. About David’s being baptised, it will be discussed a bit later as he is ready to be baptised! We explained to him what baptism means.
I am sending you 2 pictures: the 1st one is David and I and the 2nd one is David and Jean Philippe (the one I am training).
All glory belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ.
God bless…
 We had the privilege to do the training in another region called Camp Levieux. I met Pstr Lam a couple weeks ago and share the Deeplife Project-T4T Strategies with him and his team embraced the vision and invited to train their team. We had a group of 80 people present for the first session. It was just a blessing to see the people committed to be a Disciple and to do what it takes to spread the Gospel. The Leadership team was so touched and excited that after the meeting they gave us 5 other locations in 5 other regions to start training. We need much prayers.

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God opened a door for us to train 108 people in Rodrigues. We met quality people that have a heart for the Lord and for the Great Commission. It was a real blessing to serve the Lord with our brothers and sisters in Rodrigues. We were a team of 4 people for the mission trip. David M a CCCM board member, Jeff CCCM ministry partner, Pierre and EX CCCM board member and myself. We had a blessed time. Thanks for your prayers.


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The Lord is good to us, he has placed men and women of peace that are dedicated for serving the Lord. With their help we were able to make JF Dvds and Bibles Distribution in for different locations in Mauritius. Since the 31st of July 2014 we were able to train about 317 people in Mauritius and Rodrigues using the T4T strategies. We have 7 more groups in different locations on our T4T training waiting list for 2015. There are 2 JF shows that have  been planned for the 9th and 16th November 2014 in Rodrigues at Mt du Sable and Bois Lascars. Our team is waiting for police authorization. Keep us in your prayers.

Dear beloved without your constant and faithful prayers and support we could not have accomplish all of these. Thanks again for your precious help.




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Jonathan Baillache

AttachmentsNov 3 (2 days ago)

to me
Hey bro,
Trust that you are doing well by God’s grace.
God is opening doors in Cité Florida! I have just come back from there. I took Jean Philippe with me as I am training him on the field. We met with David who is 17yrs old, today at 12pm. I shared with him my testimony (my story and His story) with him and after that asked him he wanted to have the Lord Jesus Christ in his life. Praise be to God! He gladly accepted Christ in his life. He will be followed up by Michael, pastor Jose’s assistant from now on. Michael lives in Cité Florida and he knows David well. Michael was with us. David will go to pastor Jose’s LVD church this Sunday. We talked a bit more then headed back home. About David’s being baptised, it will be discussed a bit later as he is ready to be baptised! We explained to him what baptism means.
I am sending you 2 pictures: the 1st one is David and I and the 2nd one is David and Jean Philippe (the one I am training).
All glory belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ.
God bless

March -April 2014

John Ryland said, ” Through floods and flames as Jesus leads, I’ll follow where he goes.”

It is not always easy to digest difficult circumstances but as Charles H.Spurgeon stated in one of his commentaries that ” whatever may come my way as i walk through the valley of tears in this life, i know that He has chosen me. So what i privilege that we have been chosen and that He will never leave us whatever happens.

We can categorize March and April  as blessings in the midst of difficulties. The CBC 25th Homecoming Anniversary was at the corner of our door and we had worked very hard to get things done. I thank the Lord for the people he placed around to work like crazy to make this day a memorable one. A big UP to the teams.

20120101_141405 20120101_131051 20140410_122317 20140422_154533 20140422_154550 20140422_154719 20140422_154917 20140424_111931 20140424_111811 20140426_131858 By God’s grace we finished the work in time. We thank everyone who gave their precious in the renovation work but also those who spend long hours in rehearsal. Thank you.

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Mathew 28:19,20 says Go and make disciples. There’s no mention about what circumstances you are. It’s a command of the Lord whether it rains or the sun shines we must go and make disciples. Nadine and i are convinced that is what the Lord want us to do. There’s no excuses. Therefore our focus must be on temporary trials but on Jesus. Eternity is much more important for us.

With a team from Tamarin we raised funds to buy Bibles to distribute with the Jesus film Dvds. It was such a blessings to greet the people and say happy Easter my friend and here’s a gift for you. We called the event celebrating Easter differently. Now in Tamarin the people are meeting regularly for worship and bible studies in homes. We pray that they will grow in faith and in grace.

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We are just thankful to the Lord for the things he has been doing. We praise him that He has not finished with us yet. Keep us in your prayers.

Report January and February 2014

January  – February 2014

I am just grateful to the Lord for the Begin of this blessed year 2014. Even thou that last December was very hard, Our heavenly Father has been Faithful in every way. As I was preparing for the month theme for my life for the year the Lord led me in 1 Thess 1:7 where the apostle Paul was exhorting his church to a model for all believers in Macedonia and to Achaia. It is a clear message that every born again Christian should be model, an example to all believers. And this is what I am praying for daily that in everything I do, think and say that I will glorify my Father and be a model for all. Of course I am far from being perfect, I am still full of weakness but my Father is not finished with me yet, He is still at work and my prayer is that every day I will be more and more like him.

So started with this theme, and it was my sermon title on the first day of the year 2014. To be a model is to speak about the way and walk it. As many commentaries said that too often that we are only great exhorter but not examples. And the Lord took me by words. If I am exhorting others to equip themselves to serve the Lord more effectively I myself need to be trained constantly.

I have enrolled myself in further apologetics courses with MBTI for the next 13 weeks to equip myself for ministry. God also provided another week of intensive training in Kenya with CCC SEA regions for Church Led Movement. It is about Evangelism, Discipleship training, cells groups implementations and church planting. It was a real blessing and privileged to be taught and strengthened and resourced. My prayer is that we will be able to implement it and keep it going.

The Lord also has granted me the opportunity to co- lead a worship session with my brother Fred from Kenya, where about 18 African countries were represented. It was a blessed time praising and worshipping the Lord. The conference was a platform to build relationships within countries and also build communications to share resources to enhance and for the furtherance of the kingdom. We are negotiating and praying to bring a Lecturer from the University of Kenya for a conference on evangelism during 2014. We are praying about the dates and it will be done in partnership of MBTI.


We just finished a Prayer week at CBC/CCCM. The focused was placing all that we were planning and all our projects into the Father’s hands. It was a very enriching time were we let God speaks to our hearts for the next step.

We had meetings with the IMPACT club facilitators where we placed our students, projects in our Father’s hands. We worked a budget and ways where we can improve the clubs so that many lives will be changed. We finalized to the study booklets. We also met with those that are keen to help  and teach in the Sunday Bible study courses after having this praying time. We are going to do a 13 weeks Discipleship course very practical and easily transferable. We will encourage every participants to do the course s with another group after the completion of the first one. We pray that the people will be committed in it and that together we will grow as we study the word share it and make disciples.

We also met with those willing to be cells leaders and those that are willing to open their houses for Bible study during the week. I believe that it will help the church grow strong spiritually. We are also praying for a family in canal Dayot where we ministered last year during the flood that the Lord will touch their hearts and open their home for people to meet and study the word.


We have been working very hard to find ways to get the sermons preached on Sundays reach those who for any reasons (sickness, work duties, etc) can’t attend church services. David M has done a great job in recording them converting so that it can be easily accessible to everyone. The idea of doing that is that the whole church will be on the same page if we all hear the messages and as the word of God says in Isa 55:10-11 that his word will not return to him without accomplishing his desire and achieving his purpose. It is still a baby stage project but you can still listen to some of them on youtube:

Youth Ministry CCCM/CBC

Our Free academic tuition Bible study courses have already started. We are having around 33 students and most of them are from the colleges ( High schools in Curepipe). Last week we had 22 of them responding to the gospel message and indicated the will to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I am actually doing the Spirit Filled life course with them and also encouraging them to witness with their friends in colleges and invite them to the IMPACT clubs on Saturdays at church.

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I believe it is a blessing to see these young people lives changed. Keep on praying with us as we do our best to win souls to Christ building them by equipping them, sending them to witness to this hostile world and multiply themselves by making disciples.

Yesterday we spent a half day in PLouis with one MCB officer looking and trying to find ways to help and sponsor one F.A.T student for his School Certificate exams and find ways to support him also in his daily needs. The family is in great need as many of them are.

The Lord is also granting us opportunities to minister and pray for and with the parents. Last Sunday a new family with students from the F.A.T came to church to assist the service. 3 other families are regularly attending church and we are grateful for that. We pray that the Lord will keep growing his church not only in quantity but in quality for as it is said in Scripture He is the one that Builds his church and all the Glory to him now and forever. Amen

Stay blessed,

Bruno Mollet

At his Service


2013 is over…

I could not imagine that the second part of the year 2013 will be that tough reaching a climax where I was asking myself < am I on the right track, am I doing the things God want me to do?>. I was even thinking about quitting. If I have to die this end of year 2013 will I be able to say yes I have accomplish my race and the ministry that God has given me?

Samuel took a stone and named it Ebenezer, saying, THUS FAR has the Lord helped us in 1 Sam 7:12. I believe I can join my voice to him stating thus far God has helped me. I am feeling tired and powerless. May be because of all we have been through, challenges, conflicts, sickness, etc.. THUS FAR God has been my help. His Grace is sufficient.

August 2013

This month was a big challenge. Mervin moved to Seychelles and we had to prepare a team of 10 people for mission involving the ticketing, training and fundraising. It was for us humanly impossible but we said to ourselves that we want to be a living testimony and a support for others. So Nadine, Megane and I enrolled ourselves for the mission. It was very demanding to be on mission with a child like Megane but God helped us. We put together a mini mission manual to have some guidelines. Nadine was able to share her testimony, I was able to preach the word, do some training and do evangelism. I praised God that even things were not as we expected, people were saved, prisoners visited and orphans blessed.

Our hosts were real blessings to us and are grateful to God for all they done for the team.

Mission Trip to Seychelles 2013

Back to Mauritius we had a wedding to prepare. God showed himself great in everything the young couple have experienced great blessings in whatever they needed God has provided. It was an encouragement for us. God is real and He is faithful.

anas wed

September we had the visit of Pstr Marc Chan from Australia for church health and consultancy. His visit has encourage us to ask ourselves a very important question < Lord what do you want me to do?> And to be honest I am personally still asking myself this question. The good thing with this is that I was able to approach CBC members to encourage them to do what they say the Lord want them to do.  We are still in the process of this evaluation program.

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September was also marked with the premature and sudden death of Nadine’s auntie. She was only 52 and full of energy. In a couple of week I lost an auntie.

October I preached a series in the book of Acts and one of the themes was < Acts the Book of Togetherness>. We made an emphasis on the importance to be together in worship, prayer, fellowship and work. As the expression says TOGETHER WE CAN DO MORE. We used the event to mobilize church members to get involve in ministries but also to join hands in the preparation of the CBC 25th Homecoming Anniversary in April 2014.

Just after the series of preaching on TOGETHERNESS, we had waves of conflicts just to destabilize unity and harmony in church. We faced all kind of problems to break fellowship.

We had also the visit of Weston for SEA CCC office. He was a real blessing to us and to the CCC staffs. His experiences in the ministry fields and personal testimonies were very encouraging.

Our team joined hands with CBC members and youth to renovate the hall next to CBC so that we can use it to it’s fullest. Part of it is actually the CCC office and the other part it a multipurpose hall where we held the friday night live events, rehearsal and other activities.

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There’s still a lot to do to get the hall in better condition but by God grace we are using it as it is. We will need more financial support to get it fixed properly.

November ran away and left us breathless. We had a wonderful 3 days camp in partnership with Pstr George. We brought our Free Academic students to Pereybere at BCN. They granted us their premises for free and we are most grateful for their love and support. Thank you again for all. The kids I believed had a great time and the last night 8 of them indicated making commitments to our Lord. Fortunately in this case we will be able to follow them up as they come to church regularly.

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MBTI had their annual graduation and friends dinner at Tombeau Bay and to our great pleasure one of the graduates was from CBC. I praised God that this year 2013 CBC had 8 students involved with MBTI. My prayer is that all of them will be able to practice and serve the Lord more efficiently in the coming year.

December 2013

The toughest month of the year, I believed it is because I was running out of power and strength. I am grateful for the Pastoral Care course by Pstr George and his beloved wife has helped us a lot to deal with some of our issues we faced. We had another wedding ceremony and preparation to care after. The choir for the ceremony were mostly Free Academic students. When I saw the photos I was amazed and they did really well.

The Gospel group Forever Grateful led by Olivier celebrated the 5th Anniversary at CBC. We were able to unite around 200 people for the praise and worship time which was Great.

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We had our Christmas play on the the 20th December. The Free academic and church young adult group gave their best to perform on this special day.

We had a Christmas Carols time at Grand Bay La Croisette in partnership with BCN and Goodlands church. The Rose-HIll and Rose Belle evangelical choir was awesome in the christmas carols and muppet show.  It was a blessed experience.

This year on Christmas Eve we organised a Christmas dinner at CBC for all those who will be alone at home and don’t know what to do for Christmas. We had a good time of fellowship in the word in songs and in sharing nice roasted chicken with gratin and salad.

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The year is close to it’s end and with Samuel I can say THUS FAR THE LORD HELPED US.

My family and I really want to express our gratitude to you all for your constant prayers and support in our ministries. As the year comes to it’s end may our Lord and Father keeps his peace and grace upon you and may He bless you richly in all that you do. Thanks and Happy New year 2014. With love,

from Bruno, Nadine and Megane.

MAY- JUNE 2013


After the flash flood we had and the job in Canal Dayot over, we were exhausted. We did not have time to blow. I remembered one of Constantin’s quote saying “ We are restless until we rest in him(Jesus).”

Fortunately we can sing there’s power in the blood which keeps us going. We were blessed with an USA youth Team that really helped us a lot with our students of the Free academic tuition program, worshipping leading. Their faith in God and their motivation to serve the Lord has fanned the flame of our young members, specially to participate and commit in worship leading and being faithful in prayer meetings and church services. Thank you guys.

american team

We were also able with their precious contribution to launch the Friday Night Live Event. It was the new entertaining event in Curepipe in the Youth Hall at CBC’s yard. Young people were given opportunities to bless others with their talents, in drawing, drama and leading songs. Food was available, dimmed lights and youthful spirit to create a great and sweet ambiance. We had 3 editions until now and we are planning to have the next one in October 2013.

We were also able to visit and share a meal with the children and women shelter. But this time, we participated in the cooking, cleaning and washing. It was great. We prayed that one day all this kids will come to know our dear Lord as their personal Savior.

God is sending a lot of young people at CBC for the moment and we are working hard to give our best to mentor them so that they can grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Every Wednesdays after doing Bible study with the students, we have created a slot in our schedule to meet with people on a face to face basis just to talk, share, pray and edify them in their faith.

We were also blessed with the visit of Pastor Marc Chan from Australia, who came to encourage the Baptist churches to grow in every area of our ministries. We are thankful to God for sending someone like him with a heart and concern to help and encourage our churches. He wrote an article on us and on our ministry that was published in a magazine in Australia. Check the link:

Helping Liza Sebastien

Part of our ministry is the “One Word from heaven Project”. With our hearts and strength we do our best to help children with medical problems and their families to raise funds to cover part of the medical treatment fees. It was a real blessing to help Liza and her family in such a little spam of time to raise. We know that God’s hands worked and opened doors. We were able to bring under one roof once more all groups from all denominations to work for one cause.


All people of different groups met in the Youth Hall to express our support to the Sebastian’s family. We worked together for one cause.



We had the privilege and honor to bring Teisha through a baptism course and through baptism. She was able to share her testimony in front of her parents who are non believers and from a hindu background. it was through Pastor George that the initial contact was made. We pray that she will live her life abroad according to God’s standard.


Building Bridges

So many times, we fail to work in unity as the Body of Christ and we hide ourselves behind the walls of our denominations. I believe that God has called us to be his children and his servants. We were blessed to host Pstr Vinod and Pstr Alain for the Flacq and Rose- Hill evangelical churches respectively to speak in our Sunday services. They both blessed the church with a powerful God inspired sermon. We pray that this fellowship will grow and open more doors for the furtherance of God’s work.

We were pleased to share a lunch with Lovena on her 18th birthday before she leaves the probation home to live with her adopted family. She will need our support to continue her studies as she will be doing her HSC (High School Certificate) next year. She will be counting on your sponsorship. Please help us to help her.


I praise the Lord for our Young Adults He is raising to support and help us in Saturdays with the younger ones. Our prayer is that they will be fully devoted to our Lord Jesus and that they will have the desire to grow and to equip themselves through trainings. Keep us in your prayers as we keep you in ours. Stay blessed. We need you and we know that together we can do more.



Dear beloved, do not forget God’s blessings in your daily lives, but instead take time to thank him with a grateful heart for all he has done.
Psalm 103:2
Forget not all His benefits.
It is a delightful and profitable occupation to mark the hand of God in the lives of ancient saints, and to observe His goodness in delivering them, His mercy in pardoning them, and His faithfulness in keeping His covenant with them. But would it not be even more interesting and profitable for us to remark the hand of God in our own lives? Ought we not to look upon our own history as being at least as full of God, as full of His goodness and of His truth, as much a proof of His faithfulness and veracity, as the lives of any of the saints who have gone before? We do our Lord an injustice when we suppose that He wrought all His mighty acts, and showed Himself strong for those in the early time, but doth not perform wonders or lay bare His arm for the saints who are now upon the earth. Let us review our own lives. Surely in these we may discover some happy incidents, refreshing to ourselves and glorifying to our God. Have you had no deliverances? Have you passed through no rivers, supported by the divine presence? Have you walked through no fires unharmed? Have you had no manifestations? Have you had no choice favours? The God who gave Solomon the desire of his heart, hath He never listened to you and answered your requests? That God of lavish bounty of whom David sang, “Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things,” hath He never satiated you with fatness? Have you never been made to lie down in green pastures? Have you never been led by the still waters? Surely the goodness of God has been the same to us as to the saints of old. Let us, then, weave His mercies into a song. Let us take the pure gold of thankfulness, and the jewels of praise and make them into another crown for the head of Jesus. Let our souls give forth music as sweet and as exhilarating as came from David’s harp, while we praise the Lord whose mercy endureth for ever.