MAY- JUNE 2013


After the flash flood we had and the job in Canal Dayot over, we were exhausted. We did not have time to blow. I remembered one of Constantin’s quote saying “ We are restless until we rest in him(Jesus).”

Fortunately we can sing there’s power in the blood which keeps us going. We were blessed with an USA youth Team that really helped us a lot with our students of the Free academic tuition program, worshipping leading. Their faith in God and their motivation to serve the Lord has fanned the flame of our young members, specially to participate and commit in worship leading and being faithful in prayer meetings and church services. Thank you guys.

american team

We were also able with their precious contribution to launch the Friday Night Live Event. It was the new entertaining event in Curepipe in the Youth Hall at CBC’s yard. Young people were given opportunities to bless others with their talents, in drawing, drama and leading songs. Food was available, dimmed lights and youthful spirit to create a great and sweet ambiance. We had 3 editions until now and we are planning to have the next one in October 2013.

We were also able to visit and share a meal with the children and women shelter. But this time, we participated in the cooking, cleaning and washing. It was great. We prayed that one day all this kids will come to know our dear Lord as their personal Savior.

God is sending a lot of young people at CBC for the moment and we are working hard to give our best to mentor them so that they can grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Every Wednesdays after doing Bible study with the students, we have created a slot in our schedule to meet with people on a face to face basis just to talk, share, pray and edify them in their faith.

We were also blessed with the visit of Pastor Marc Chan from Australia, who came to encourage the Baptist churches to grow in every area of our ministries. We are thankful to God for sending someone like him with a heart and concern to help and encourage our churches. He wrote an article on us and on our ministry that was published in a magazine in Australia. Check the link:

Helping Liza Sebastien

Part of our ministry is the “One Word from heaven Project”. With our hearts and strength we do our best to help children with medical problems and their families to raise funds to cover part of the medical treatment fees. It was a real blessing to help Liza and her family in such a little spam of time to raise. We know that God’s hands worked and opened doors. We were able to bring under one roof once more all groups from all denominations to work for one cause.


All people of different groups met in the Youth Hall to express our support to the Sebastian’s family. We worked together for one cause.



We had the privilege and honor to bring Teisha through a baptism course and through baptism. She was able to share her testimony in front of her parents who are non believers and from a hindu background. it was through Pastor George that the initial contact was made. We pray that she will live her life abroad according to God’s standard.


Building Bridges

So many times, we fail to work in unity as the Body of Christ and we hide ourselves behind the walls of our denominations. I believe that God has called us to be his children and his servants. We were blessed to host Pstr Vinod and Pstr Alain for the Flacq and Rose- Hill evangelical churches respectively to speak in our Sunday services. They both blessed the church with a powerful God inspired sermon. We pray that this fellowship will grow and open more doors for the furtherance of God’s work.

We were pleased to share a lunch with Lovena on her 18th birthday before she leaves the probation home to live with her adopted family. She will need our support to continue her studies as she will be doing her HSC (High School Certificate) next year. She will be counting on your sponsorship. Please help us to help her.


I praise the Lord for our Young Adults He is raising to support and help us in Saturdays with the younger ones. Our prayer is that they will be fully devoted to our Lord Jesus and that they will have the desire to grow and to equip themselves through trainings. Keep us in your prayers as we keep you in ours. Stay blessed. We need you and we know that together we can do more.

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