2013 is over…

I could not imagine that the second part of the year 2013 will be that tough reaching a climax where I was asking myself < am I on the right track, am I doing the things God want me to do?>. I was even thinking about quitting. If I have to die this end of year 2013 will I be able to say yes I have accomplish my race and the ministry that God has given me?

Samuel took a stone and named it Ebenezer, saying, THUS FAR has the Lord helped us in 1 Sam 7:12. I believe I can join my voice to him stating thus far God has helped me. I am feeling tired and powerless. May be because of all we have been through, challenges, conflicts, sickness, etc.. THUS FAR God has been my help. His Grace is sufficient.

August 2013

This month was a big challenge. Mervin moved to Seychelles and we had to prepare a team of 10 people for mission involving the ticketing, training and fundraising. It was for us humanly impossible but we said to ourselves that we want to be a living testimony and a support for others. So Nadine, Megane and I enrolled ourselves for the mission. It was very demanding to be on mission with a child like Megane but God helped us. We put together a mini mission manual to have some guidelines. Nadine was able to share her testimony, I was able to preach the word, do some training and do evangelism. I praised God that even things were not as we expected, people were saved, prisoners visited and orphans blessed.

Our hosts were real blessings to us and are grateful to God for all they done for the team.

Mission Trip to Seychelles 2013

Back to Mauritius we had a wedding to prepare. God showed himself great in everything the young couple have experienced great blessings in whatever they needed God has provided. It was an encouragement for us. God is real and He is faithful.

anas wed

September we had the visit of Pstr Marc Chan from Australia for church health and consultancy. His visit has encourage us to ask ourselves a very important question < Lord what do you want me to do?> And to be honest I am personally still asking myself this question. The good thing with this is that I was able to approach CBC members to encourage them to do what they say the Lord want them to do.  We are still in the process of this evaluation program.

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September was also marked with the premature and sudden death of Nadine’s auntie. She was only 52 and full of energy. In a couple of week I lost an auntie.

October I preached a series in the book of Acts and one of the themes was < Acts the Book of Togetherness>. We made an emphasis on the importance to be together in worship, prayer, fellowship and work. As the expression says TOGETHER WE CAN DO MORE. We used the event to mobilize church members to get involve in ministries but also to join hands in the preparation of the CBC 25th Homecoming Anniversary in April 2014.

Just after the series of preaching on TOGETHERNESS, we had waves of conflicts just to destabilize unity and harmony in church. We faced all kind of problems to break fellowship.

We had also the visit of Weston for SEA CCC office. He was a real blessing to us and to the CCC staffs. His experiences in the ministry fields and personal testimonies were very encouraging.

Our team joined hands with CBC members and youth to renovate the hall next to CBC so that we can use it to it’s fullest. Part of it is actually the CCC office and the other part it a multipurpose hall where we held the friday night live events, rehearsal and other activities.

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There’s still a lot to do to get the hall in better condition but by God grace we are using it as it is. We will need more financial support to get it fixed properly.

November ran away and left us breathless. We had a wonderful 3 days camp in partnership with Pstr George. We brought our Free Academic students to Pereybere at BCN. They granted us their premises for free and we are most grateful for their love and support. Thank you again for all. The kids I believed had a great time and the last night 8 of them indicated making commitments to our Lord. Fortunately in this case we will be able to follow them up as they come to church regularly.

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MBTI had their annual graduation and friends dinner at Tombeau Bay and to our great pleasure one of the graduates was from CBC. I praised God that this year 2013 CBC had 8 students involved with MBTI. My prayer is that all of them will be able to practice and serve the Lord more efficiently in the coming year.

December 2013

The toughest month of the year, I believed it is because I was running out of power and strength. I am grateful for the Pastoral Care course by Pstr George and his beloved wife has helped us a lot to deal with some of our issues we faced. We had another wedding ceremony and preparation to care after. The choir for the ceremony were mostly Free Academic students. When I saw the photos I was amazed and they did really well.

The Gospel group Forever Grateful led by Olivier celebrated the 5th Anniversary at CBC. We were able to unite around 200 people for the praise and worship time which was Great.

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We had our Christmas play on the the 20th December. The Free academic and church young adult group gave their best to perform on this special day.

We had a Christmas Carols time at Grand Bay La Croisette in partnership with BCN and Goodlands church. The Rose-HIll and Rose Belle evangelical choir was awesome in the christmas carols and muppet show.  It was a blessed experience.

This year on Christmas Eve we organised a Christmas dinner at CBC for all those who will be alone at home and don’t know what to do for Christmas. We had a good time of fellowship in the word in songs and in sharing nice roasted chicken with gratin and salad.

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The year is close to it’s end and with Samuel I can say THUS FAR THE LORD HELPED US.

My family and I really want to express our gratitude to you all for your constant prayers and support in our ministries. As the year comes to it’s end may our Lord and Father keeps his peace and grace upon you and may He bless you richly in all that you do. Thanks and Happy New year 2014. With love,

from Bruno, Nadine and Megane.

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