Report January and February 2014

January  – February 2014

I am just grateful to the Lord for the Begin of this blessed year 2014. Even thou that last December was very hard, Our heavenly Father has been Faithful in every way. As I was preparing for the month theme for my life for the year the Lord led me in 1 Thess 1:7 where the apostle Paul was exhorting his church to a model for all believers in Macedonia and to Achaia. It is a clear message that every born again Christian should be model, an example to all believers. And this is what I am praying for daily that in everything I do, think and say that I will glorify my Father and be a model for all. Of course I am far from being perfect, I am still full of weakness but my Father is not finished with me yet, He is still at work and my prayer is that every day I will be more and more like him.

So started with this theme, and it was my sermon title on the first day of the year 2014. To be a model is to speak about the way and walk it. As many commentaries said that too often that we are only great exhorter but not examples. And the Lord took me by words. If I am exhorting others to equip themselves to serve the Lord more effectively I myself need to be trained constantly.

I have enrolled myself in further apologetics courses with MBTI for the next 13 weeks to equip myself for ministry. God also provided another week of intensive training in Kenya with CCC SEA regions for Church Led Movement. It is about Evangelism, Discipleship training, cells groups implementations and church planting. It was a real blessing and privileged to be taught and strengthened and resourced. My prayer is that we will be able to implement it and keep it going.

The Lord also has granted me the opportunity to co- lead a worship session with my brother Fred from Kenya, where about 18 African countries were represented. It was a blessed time praising and worshipping the Lord. The conference was a platform to build relationships within countries and also build communications to share resources to enhance and for the furtherance of the kingdom. We are negotiating and praying to bring a Lecturer from the University of Kenya for a conference on evangelism during 2014. We are praying about the dates and it will be done in partnership of MBTI.


We just finished a Prayer week at CBC/CCCM. The focused was placing all that we were planning and all our projects into the Father’s hands. It was a very enriching time were we let God speaks to our hearts for the next step.

We had meetings with the IMPACT club facilitators where we placed our students, projects in our Father’s hands. We worked a budget and ways where we can improve the clubs so that many lives will be changed. We finalized to the study booklets. We also met with those that are keen to help  and teach in the Sunday Bible study courses after having this praying time. We are going to do a 13 weeks Discipleship course very practical and easily transferable. We will encourage every participants to do the course s with another group after the completion of the first one. We pray that the people will be committed in it and that together we will grow as we study the word share it and make disciples.

We also met with those willing to be cells leaders and those that are willing to open their houses for Bible study during the week. I believe that it will help the church grow strong spiritually. We are also praying for a family in canal Dayot where we ministered last year during the flood that the Lord will touch their hearts and open their home for people to meet and study the word.


We have been working very hard to find ways to get the sermons preached on Sundays reach those who for any reasons (sickness, work duties, etc) can’t attend church services. David M has done a great job in recording them converting so that it can be easily accessible to everyone. The idea of doing that is that the whole church will be on the same page if we all hear the messages and as the word of God says in Isa 55:10-11 that his word will not return to him without accomplishing his desire and achieving his purpose. It is still a baby stage project but you can still listen to some of them on youtube:

Youth Ministry CCCM/CBC

Our Free academic tuition Bible study courses have already started. We are having around 33 students and most of them are from the colleges ( High schools in Curepipe). Last week we had 22 of them responding to the gospel message and indicated the will to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I am actually doing the Spirit Filled life course with them and also encouraging them to witness with their friends in colleges and invite them to the IMPACT clubs on Saturdays at church.

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I believe it is a blessing to see these young people lives changed. Keep on praying with us as we do our best to win souls to Christ building them by equipping them, sending them to witness to this hostile world and multiply themselves by making disciples.

Yesterday we spent a half day in PLouis with one MCB officer looking and trying to find ways to help and sponsor one F.A.T student for his School Certificate exams and find ways to support him also in his daily needs. The family is in great need as many of them are.

The Lord is also granting us opportunities to minister and pray for and with the parents. Last Sunday a new family with students from the F.A.T came to church to assist the service. 3 other families are regularly attending church and we are grateful for that. We pray that the Lord will keep growing his church not only in quantity but in quality for as it is said in Scripture He is the one that Builds his church and all the Glory to him now and forever. Amen

Stay blessed,

Bruno Mollet

At his Service


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