March -April 2014

John Ryland said, ” Through floods and flames as Jesus leads, I’ll follow where he goes.”

It is not always easy to digest difficult circumstances but as Charles H.Spurgeon stated in one of his commentaries that ” whatever may come my way as i walk through the valley of tears in this life, i know that He has chosen me. So what i privilege that we have been chosen and that He will never leave us whatever happens.

We can categorize March and April  as blessings in the midst of difficulties. The CBC 25th Homecoming Anniversary was at the corner of our door and we had worked very hard to get things done. I thank the Lord for the people he placed around to work like crazy to make this day a memorable one. A big UP to the teams.

20120101_141405 20120101_131051 20140410_122317 20140422_154533 20140422_154550 20140422_154719 20140422_154917 20140424_111931 20140424_111811 20140426_131858 By God’s grace we finished the work in time. We thank everyone who gave their precious in the renovation work but also those who spend long hours in rehearsal. Thank you.

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Mathew 28:19,20 says Go and make disciples. There’s no mention about what circumstances you are. It’s a command of the Lord whether it rains or the sun shines we must go and make disciples. Nadine and i are convinced that is what the Lord want us to do. There’s no excuses. Therefore our focus must be on temporary trials but on Jesus. Eternity is much more important for us.

With a team from Tamarin we raised funds to buy Bibles to distribute with the Jesus film Dvds. It was such a blessings to greet the people and say happy Easter my friend and here’s a gift for you. We called the event celebrating Easter differently. Now in Tamarin the people are meeting regularly for worship and bible studies in homes. We pray that they will grow in faith and in grace.

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We are just thankful to the Lord for the things he has been doing. We praise him that He has not finished with us yet. Keep us in your prayers.

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