Review of December 2014


Ravi Zacharias said:You can only learn so much from books. You can only learn so much from education. Ultimately, it is the wisdom of God that will carry you through in the toughest situations of life. i have found this deep truth through this year. God has been faithful all the way. He was present in our every struggle, he gave us a shoulder to lean on and swept away our tears and provided to our every need.

Even the year was clouded with persecutions and shadowed by oppositions of every kind, the Lord was our light showing us the way through the tempest of adversity and difficulties. We are grateful for his favor and unmerited grace. The Lord gave us strength to finish our race at CBC well. We have our last baptism service at Flic en flac where 5 people were baptized after following the T4T sessions and baptism course.


We had a Preaching marathon in Isaiah 9:5 for Christmas. We had 5 young men preaching one after the other using the same text. Of course we had a time for Christmas carols and worship, special songs and a fellowship dinner. It was really a great time. On the 25th of December during the Christmas service, we had the Dedication of Faith Marie Jeanne, daughter of Jonas and ketcia MJ.

My last sermon at CBC was based on 2 Pet 3:18 where the Apostle Peter was encouraging the church to Grow in grace and in the Knowledge of Jesus Christ. Yes it was the last word I spoke on the 28th at CBC. As I was reflecting on our journey there since 2010 when I was appointed to serve there, the following words of my friend and partner in ministry said came back to my thoughts.

“Endings” are part of life and Solomon so aptly said that there is a “time for everything under heaven and earth”.

The “sun is setting” on our work here at CBC after 4 years . It was hard at times but as with childbirth, the pain lasts only a moment in comparison with the joy to seeing a new-born baby. This is our testimony  as we reflect back on our time of ministry. We are very aware that it is purely by grace that we can come to the end and can rejoice in the goodness of our God and Saviour Jesus Christ. I am really thankful to God for what he has done. We know he is Sovereign and in Control of everything. He will build his church.

We were blessed to serve in 3 foreign outreaches this year namely in Kenya ,  Rodrigues  and Zimbabwe and it was a real blessing. This is really in what the Lord is calling us to do. WIN, BUILD & SEND, making disciples as we GO.

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Keep us in your prayers as we get into 2015, ready to take the challenges as fulltime missionaries with  Campus Crusade for Christ by Faith. We know for sure that it will not be easy but we are not alone in this. Our Lord has promised that He will never leave us. We need your prayers and support.



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