January 2015

By God’s grace we’ve made it to 2015. One of the verses the Lord gave me for this year is Ps 81:10 where it says OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND I WILL FILL. It is one of my key verse for this year. We trust God as we slave for him, He will take care of us and provide for us. By faith we keep on marching, spreading his word to the unreached people group.

We praise God and thank him that our Deeplife Project T4T strategies part 2 was very successful. We had an attendance of 100 people that have been involved in the training for the past months. We had a good time of worship, testimonies but also a challenging time to encourage our audience to be multiplying Disciples. 27 people gave their names to become trainers to help in training groups on Discipleship and Evangelism. We praise God for we have on our list more than 20 other groups to train in 2015.


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We had the opportunity on the 7th of January to bless the kids from one of the shelter we use to work. They had their yearly camp as Blue Bay. The CCCM team and Friends raised to supply their lunch, tea time and dinner. We had a wonderful time with them. I take the opportunity to thank all those who were physically present,those who support us prayerfully and financially. It is an ongoing ministry where most of them are students and from broken families. Keep them in yours prayers as they face life challenges.

Thou it rains or the sun shines Jesus is the same forevermore. He changes not. We stood on for our Spontaneous Praise & Worship project, planned in partnership with the El Shaddai Gospel choir, even if it rained that day. Our focus was on praising and worshiping God. The event was held in the cccm hall and we had a blessed time together with our brothers and sisters from different groups and denominations.







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