We started focusing on 1 Chron 4:10  which Dr Farai shared with us in December 2014. ”
Jabez cried out to the God of Israel, “Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.” And God granted his request.”

We prayed that prayer and God answered  it in amazing ways. We started the year with 45$ as monthly salary, it was tough but we had good coaches that are prayer warriors ( Tariku & Buze). Nadine my wife fasted for 40 days and we had several 7 days fast & pray time (May & November) and almost every Friday we had a half day fast & prayer day for the CCC Team.

God answered our prayers in ways we cannot understand. The ministry were stuck before that but our God gave us new directions, ideas and opportunities. New partnerships were made with God -given contacts and we started training churches with the Deeplife and T4T strategies.

Nadine & I have been in ministry more than 10 years together and we have won around 200 people and 2 churches planted But with this new approach our team have won 459 people in 1 year with 1 church planted+2 home churches+4 cells groups+ a least 6 houses of peace.

We had some special events such as T4T gathering in January and we gather around 85 people. Indigitous in April around 35 participants. We had our celebrating Easter differently projects and we distributed 1600 letters from the Father to the students, we distributed 1500 JF Dvds & Bibles to 1500 families in 3 different regions. We were able to show my last day in a class of 40 students where 11 raised their hands to receive the Lord. We were part of a National Youth Conference in November dubbed ARISE & SHINE where 650 were exposed to the Great Commission challenge and how  they can be involved in different ministries.

Another highlights is the group we’ve trained in Bambous. We trained 35 people to be multiplying disciples, 3 weeks after the initial T4T training they won 45 people and started 4 cell groups. Last month they had another outreach and won 100 other people for the Lord… now they are raising fund to build a place to gather all the people for worship. God is great and we give him the Glory.

Concerning DMPD, we have discovered that the Lord has in stored everything we need. We are not at our full support yet but we will reach there in the coming year 2016.

The Lord has enlarged our scope by granting us the privilege to oversee Rodrigues, Seychelles, Reunion and Mayotte in the year 2016. We pray that on each of these Islands movement will be launched everywhere.

On the family side God healed our daughter from fits & seizures. We rejoice everyday with her after 8 years.


Pastors and leaders were skeptic about letting us training their youth and students in the beginning but now when they hear what’s happening and after sharing the Deeplife vision & plan they are eager to partner with us.

Funding also was a challenge as we could had a greater impact in Rodrigues if  we could get them a projector and tickets to go there.



Of course we are far from our 2016 and 2020 goals but i do believe with this new Hockey stick strategy that we have been exposed recently in Turkey, it  will help us accelerate movement launching everywhere. Focus on Catalytic..(Explore-Challenge-Coach-Multiply) and implement it everywhere we go.

Explore the Islands and Search for KVs on every targeted campuses & High Schools and train them in Catalytic ( Deeplife-T4T strategies)


As D.L Moody said it so well:

If God is your partner, Make your plan Big…

Our prayer for 2016 is:

Lord give us the Indian Ocean Islands students for your Glory.

We want the Gospel to reach Every student in the I.O.I

We want to see movement on Every Campuses & High School in the I.O.I

We want to see Multiplying Leaders in Every of these Islands.






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