Ministry Updates 2016



“2016 has been such a challenging and blessing year for us; God has been opening doors for our team. Many lives have been touch, especially young girls from K. College at Chemin Grenier. These Girls came from broken families. Now these girls know Jesus and their family has been restored, we praise the Lord that he uses our team to help to impact these girls lives the way he wanted us to. We started with a group of 7 students and we ended the year with 34 students who al received Christ as Lord and Savior”— Tiah

“God has been at work in marvelous ways in and through the life of students. What is happening is a pure example of a Catalytic Movement; God is being at work in ways that is beyond all expectations. 330 students have been trained for action and together as a team, 2171 people have been approached by the Gospel among which more than 882 have received Jesus as Lord and Savior. 255 Students self-identified themselves as Engaged Disciples among which 39 self-identified themselves as Multiplying Disciples. For instance one students, with the Help and grace of God, help more than 700 of her friends to received Christ in only one day!! There is no doubt that God is leading and building up a new generation of Multiplying Leaders among the students” —Chris


“We got the visit of a Jesus Film team from America comprising of 12 members who came to Mauritius for one week of training with different churches and students. During this intensive training, there were 248 people who were trained and 7 students gave their life to the Lord during 2 outreach days on the campus.

Just after their  visit, a Mauritian team went for a Jesus Film mission trip to Rodrigues and Seychelles. In Rodrigues 97 people were trained and 26 people gave their life to Jesus during an outreach. We got a very positive response from churches who invited us for training. An exposure has been made in a High School there where 72 students have been exposed to the Gospel”.— Samuel


“I was assigned the responsibility to lead one of the Ministry Critical Components of CCCM which is the SLM (Student Led Movement). Soon, I was asked to join the conference in Pretoria which gathered Southern and Eastern Africa delegates for training. This was a golden opportunity for me to have a wider view of this new responsibility I was assigned to and meet up with those who like me are leading in SLM. The objective was clear and proper guidelines were given so as to ensure that each SLM leaders are well equipped for the Ministry. I never though that CCC was such a big family and as organized as this, CCC has indeed the potential to make God proud. I am really thankful to God for being part of this movement and being at the front row seeing God’s hand at work.’’—Chris

“This has been my first trip to South Africa as a CCCM staff where I had the opportunity to learn a lot from our foreign brothers and sisters. This conference enabled me to have a different perspective about Ministry which has really been an encouragement for me. It was also a big challenge for me as in my MCC area, I was the youngest guy and new in church planting movement. During our training and workshops I enjoyed times of sharing with different leaders from different countries. I understood clearly the DeepLife goal and how to work things together to achieve it. Before the MCC conference we had used the Jesus Film for several outreaches with big results, and in Pretoria we met some people from the Jesus Film projection of America where we learned a lot on the Jesus Film Project which encouraged us to keep sharing the gospel using the Jesus Film App. Our time of worship was something that I can’t forget as seeing Africans worshiping our Lord is great. I got deep moment of prayer with our brothers from oversea. I am thankful to God for this connection which has been established within the different countries and the way we keep sharing and encouraging each other also to be part of the CCC family.’’— Samuel


“The SLM orientation in Botswana was a golden opportunity for me to be able to understand clearly what the Lord is expecting for me as I am leading the SLM in Mauritius. Together with me, all those who were assigned this responsibility also to join this orientation. The themes elaborated speak for themselves “Job Description of a SLM Leader, Developing and leading from a strategic planning, Coaching your Leaders, Helping Women in their responsibilities in CCC, Leading with Information, Prayer and Fasting, Raising Fund for your Ministry, among others ’’ But one of my greatest highlight was meeting with the students at Botswana University. I was dreaming with my eyes wide open. It was the first time that I was able to see students leading and owning the vision to see their peers know Jesus. They, themselves developed strategies and approaches to raise fund, create events, lead groups, etc.… It was really Student LED movement. This really triggered in me this passion to see Mauritian students leading as the Lord is guiding them to. Students are not only the leaders of tomorrow but the leaders of Today! Unless they find their purpose in God, they will not be able to lead from a healthy soul. Lets Keep praying for all the SLM staffs, volunteers and the students” — Chris


Campus Crusade for Christ Mauritius has organized “Holiday Boosters” during the winter holidays for two consecutive Tuesdays at the Office. During the first “Booster” 11 students were present where we spent time in prayers, worship and training about how to share their testimony and the Story of “Creation to Christ”.  The next week, 33 students from different high schools and universities joined this event where they completed the training. Soon, most of them started to take initiative and shared the Gospel with those God put on their heart and they launched SWAT (Student With A Testimony). The Lord is using them as catalytic agents right where they are.


“Since Several Years my husband and I we decided that we would celebrate Christmas Differently so we chose for the past years to invite somebody to spend the Christmas week with us. This year we had the privilege with the help of some friends to spend time around a Jesus Film show, Barbecue, Games and presents distributions for some 33 kids & Youths from the Woman and Children Shelter and their staffs. We are so grateful to the Almighty for his provision. It made our Christmas”—Megane, Nadine & Bruno

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“As a team from Mauritius, we felt privileged to attend Pamoja Conference in Lusaka Zambia this end of December 2016. It was exciting to be part of the 2600 delegates from all over Africa and other countries. We shared this vision to “Raise a new generation of transformational leaders for a new Africa and Beyond”.

What have impacted us the most is that  the leaders and all the participants have one goal in common- the heart and joy of reaching their nations and Africa on a whole for Jesus Christ. Mauritius led the workshop on Jesus Film training. Through the aftermath of Pamoja, 600 people accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior in one outreach.”— Jonathan