Campus Crusade for Christ Mauritius


Campus Crusade for Christ started its work in Mauritius in 2002 and worked mainly using the Jesus Film and organized trainings in Evangelism, and discipleship for churches. In 2008 we shifted our focus to student ministry. Since then we have been doing evangelism among students

on the University of Mauritius. What started with two staff and one student is now a student- led movement who evangelize, organize Bible studies almost every day and engage in peer to peer ministry.


Helping to fulfill the Great commission in the power of the Holy Spirit by winning people to faith in Jesus Christ, building them in their faith and sending them to win and build others.; and helping the Body of Christ do evangelism and discipleship.

Vision Statement:

Helping to build spiritual movements so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus Christ.

Mission Statement:

Launching spiritual movement by winning, building and sending Christ-centered multiplying disciples.


Campus ministry:

Our ultimate dream is to see every student on every campus have the opportunity to hear a clear presentation of the Gospel i.e. an opportunity to say yes to the forgiveness of sin that is in Christ alone. To achieve this we are envisioning, training and mobilizing students to lead movements of evangelism and discipleship in their schools and campuses.

Internship Program (IP) 2010/2011

In partnership with the Mauritius Bible Training In

stitute (MBTI) we are offering the body of Christ in the Indian Ocean a 6 months training in Evangelism, Discipleship, Leadership and Theology. We are especially targeting (though not limited to)   HSC leavers before they go for

their University degree. The IP will not only be an academic study but very practical and includes a 2 weeks international mission trip.

My 10 4 Change:

Apart from raising funds for mission, “My ten for change” is a call to the church for better stewardship of Time, Talent and Treasure.

We are challenging every Christian in Mauritius to invest Rs 10 per month in CCCM as we endeavor to preach the Gospel, build

people in their faith and send them out to do the same.  Christ changes lives and we are committed to make Him known.


Indian Ocean Youth Mission’s Conference 2012:

The Indian Ocean Countries are well place to reach the world with the Gospel.

Imagine a youth conference that draws young people from all over the Indian Ocean for a time of vision casting, teachings, exhortation and mobilization for mission.

CrossRoads training:

CrossRoads uses an innovative evangelism strategy that focuses on developing nations confronted by social crises (such as AIDS, drugs, and violence). Using a world-class educational curriculum, CrossRoads equips local communities with the tools to help at-risk youth turn from despair to hope, life and truth in Jesus Christ — saving lives and restoring an entire generation.  Staring 2011 we will be offering this course to the churches and colleges in the Indian Ocean.

The Moses Project:

We are recruiting actors, dancers, singers, designers and anyone with artistic skills and knowledge to join us to put together a theatrical/musical production on the life of Moses that will also showcase the Passover and its fulfillment in Christ.  If you or your church is interested please contact David, CCCM Arts Department on Tel: 785 88 27.

Global Media Outreach:

GMO is global ministry presenting the good news of Jesus Christ online 24/7. As a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, our goal is to stay on the cutting edge of global communication technologies to share Jesus and help believers grow in their faith worldwide. We are now recruiting Online Missionaries.



We are constantly recruiting volunteers to be part of this

exciting work of Winning Building and Sending. Whatever your gifts or calling, we can use you.  Should you wish to join any of CCCM ministries and projects as a volunteer please get in touch with us.


Commit yourself for 6 months in the Internship program and be trained as a missionary. After that you can decide if you want to be involved full time or part time.



As a self-supporting missionary organization we raise our finances. You can partner with us financially by giving to work we do on a monthly or annual basis.

Our account details are as follows:

Bank: HSBC

Branch: Lai Min

Account name: Campus Crusade for Christ

Account number: 003 038361 006

IBAN: MU59 HSBC 0703 0030 3836 1006 000M UR


Campus Crusade for Christ

17, Remono Street


Republic of Mauritius

Tel/Fax:  697 9774


Bruno Mollet : +230 5715 23 26

National Team Leader (NTL)


3 thoughts on “Campus Crusade for Christ Mauritius

  1. it aurelie mollet. i would like to be one of your volonters, i’m a pastry maker. ,i like making cakes if sometime u need some you can gave it to you at a cheaper price or as a gift for the association ccc.

  2. I had amazing moment with the CCC group as a volunteer which include camping and prayers sessions, i experience God in a very different way, Thank you Bruno and your team for sharing God gospel all around Mauritius and keeping us together like a family.
    Owens Barry.

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