canal dayot marlene

What a Disaster? It happened on the eve of Easter. The press named that day as” Dark Saturday” in which 11 lives were lost and so many houses devastated by this thick muddy water. About 500 cars were damaged and owners left with a taste of bitterness that their insurance does not cover their vehicles from flood. The whole island was paralysed by the shocking news.

Friends and brothers in Christ met a CBC on Monday to evaluate the situation and pray for the Lord guidance. The spirit of the Lord was working in us all pushing us to make a step of compassion and solidarity towards the victims.

The church became a real Store house. People came from everywhere dropping  non perishable food and clothes for us to distribute to the victims. Our muslim friends brought one fully loaded lorry of cloth. Church members, One word from Heaven team were mobilized to testify to the victims that our Christ is Alive and that He sees their distress and want to help them out through us his children.

CBC as a Storehouse

We went to Canal Dayot on the following night bringing clothes and foodstuffs for one family. Reaching there is was chaotic. Desolation  was on every  faces . They lost everything.

We met someone there who made a census and ask how can our team help? We got the responsibility to support at first,The Leung and the Brutus family.

We mobilized a team of 15 volunteers to go and help the families to clean and disinfect their houses.


It was too much work and the task enormous. We mobilized a team of 50 volunteers to remove all the dirts and things water brought in the yard of the families. We hanged up supporting 8 families. Friends and churches members contributed at lot of their time and treasure to bless the people of Canal Dayot. BAM was united in ministering with the people in their crisis. We were blessed. Thanks again to all that contributed physically and financially.

Thanks to Pstr George & BCN Team

  • We were able to raise fund as a team to buy oven, gas, mattresses, beddings, lot of detergents, cleaning tools, domestic appliances, pressure cookers, etc. It was hard work but blessed.


As the following verse says, the Lord answered their call.Psalm 34:4 I sought the LORD, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.

  • We were contacted by another family at Cite la Cure, who were victims of the flash flood. The water wiped away their iron sheet house. Only the foundation was left.  They are leaving without electricity and water. The situation began worst when the oldest lady went out to the lube and felt down in the dark, hitting her head against a rock. She died last Tuesday. The family is devastated by tragedy and sorrows. Our team contributed in the funeral and we have agreed that we will help them building at least a concrete room.
  • Our youth is very excited and they are faithful in attending  IMPACT CLUB attendance. The word is preached to them on a regular basis. We have a planned student Bible study every Wednesday. We are having fun. For Easter service the kids invited their parents and presented a song titled VIVANT…ALIVE. It was a blessing for CBC. One of the girls brought her family to church service last Sunday. Keep our free academic tuitions project in your prayers it is an excellent evangelistic tool for CBC. We have made room for CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) to host their monthly goodnews club at CBC. It is a blessing for us but also gives Nadine and I a Saturday off.

Impact Club

  • Nadine and I were invited to a Family Seminar where I had to speak in our of their sessions. It was a very blessed time and we realised how much the devil is working hard to destroy individuals and families. The report we got from the statistic bureau is quite alarming. We are now praying for the best time to have an Edifying family weekend at CBC. Pray for us.

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  • Family Day at CBC on the 1st of May 2013.

Once more, all our Free Academic students came.  Most of the BAM churches were represented. We spent the day in cleaning the yard, fun games and bring and share. Pstr Josian shared on the importance to serve as a family. We were blessed with the presence of the Leung family for Canal Dayot. We are praying them that they discover and experience God’s grace and salvation.

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  • Keep praying for us as we are waiting for an American team at CBC this coming Friday to minister with our Youth.
  • MBTI is running an OLD Testament course at CBC and 6 of our members are attending.Pray for our church as our focus this year is to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
  • Special thanks to all of you who faithfully pray and support us financially. Stay blessed.

January and February 2013

January and February 2013

2 Peter 3:18 says   But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen. This is what the Lord laid in my heart on the beginning of 2013. This will be my focus.

It took a very long time before we lounge our English service at CBC. But by God’s grace and perfect timing our first service was held on the 13th of January 2013. We started with  a very small group between  15 to 20 people but the excitement to come together to worship the Lord and preach the word of God is indescribable. We know that one day God will finish the work he has started. I thank the Lord that Kevin Cook and Mervin Pool have taken the responsibility to preach the word of God while I am busy with the worship and preaching in the morning service. Keep praying for us.


We were blessed by the visit of April Garuccio from Center Grove Baptist church USA. We met her last year on a mission trip with International commission. She came this time to organise and speak in a women conference that was organised and held  at CBC. Nadine and the other women did an excellent job in the preparation, decoration and logistics. We invited all the Baptist churches. Mrs Bhagwant  the director of the children and women shelter grant permission for the young girls and their  house mothers to attend.  The Probation officer sent one of their inmate with a staff to assist the conference entitled Beauty from Ashes.

VAC FEB 2013 030



One of the girl from the probation home Lovena  will have to leave the centre as soon as she turns 18yrs in a couple of months. She has nowhere to go and has no family. The Officer called us to help them in finding a hosting family who will eventually adopt her or find a solution for that particular case. She is now 17yrs and she is doing her HSC at Notre Dame college and she is doing quite well in her studies.

Meanwhile we are looking for sponsors who can help her through this difficult period of her life. We were able to take her for the first time for an outing. So if you have a solution let me know.

We host at CBC another fundraising concert entitled “ ONE WORD FROM HEAVEN Part 2” to help two needy families. One of them is suffering from a cancer and need a lot for her treatment while the one person who is part of CBC lost her husband in an accident. All groups joined their effort and voices with love and an act of compassion and faith cry to our heavenly father for mercy and grace. We were able to raise about Rs 23,500 on that night to help and to release their financial weight a little. Keep praying for the Thomas and Henri.




Students Bible studies on wednesdays and Impact Club on saturdays are well attended. We pray that these students will make the right choices and commit their lives to Christ. We are having about 25 to 30 students everyday attending our Free academic tuitions, Bible study and clubs. We are thankful for all those who in anyway sponsored the project with stationeries, snacks, food, drinks,etc. Thanks for your support.

Impact club


By God’s grace we were able to buy a special wheel chair for Megane. She is 1m22cm tall and weights 22kg. So this will be of great help while we patiently wait for the day she stands and walks. One of our friends from USA volunteered to bring it so that we did not have to pay  for the shipping. It was God grace and providence. Thanks to April.

VAC FEB 2013 062


I am forced to stay in bed after my right toe surgery last Thursday. I am taking pain relief tablets and anti-inflammatory pills but my heart is aching much more that my toe. All our friends and relatives, are still shocked, saying why Lord why Riley has to die in this accident. I don’t want to give an answer about this hard and difficult event that has touched all of us. One thing I am persuaded that Riley is with our Lord and Savior. I personally heard his testimony and saw him living a Christ-centered life. Always loving,caring and showing seriousness in his faith. We lost a brother and CBC an active member.The funeral ceremony was held on the 15th of December2012. Please keep praying for Patricia his wife and Kendis his 7 years old son.

On the 1st of December we had two special meetings. Men’s fellowship at church and women’s end of year party in the hall. We were able to minister to 84 people. Pstr George from BCN shared about the Role of men and about our responsibilities. It was a very challenging message. Dinner was served downstairs and we had a good time of fellowship.

I sat for my final OT part one exams on the 4th of December with MBTI. I praised the Lord that He carried me throughout the year even in difficult circumstances. Next year also will be busy with study but I pray that the Lord will grant me wisdom and guide me by his Holy Spirit.

We are planning to start our first English service at CBC on the 13th of January 2013 at 4hr pm. We are praying that God will bless us as we minister to the English speaking people of the area and make an IMPACT in the lives of those who will visit us.

Nadine and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on the 12th December 2012. We just realized that time flies… and we are thankful to our God and Father who has blessed us with all kind of blessings specially Megane. He has been faithful to us in providing to our every need.

We brought gifts and lunch for the inmates at the children and women shelter on the 23rd of December 2012. The whole church contributed to buy gifts and sponsor one child. Emotions were at it’s peak and joy overwhelming when the kids saw KFC buckets and a box full of gifts.

Dear partners thank you again for making this moment possible for the kids. Special thanks for the Baya family who lovingly and faithfully support us, the Andrews family who left their car to help our ministry while they are in Australia. Please pray for their work permit. Thanks to the Sanders family who enable us to spent some days in their flat at Pereybere for our wedding anniversary. Thank you again to all of you who contribute to our life and ministry. May our Heavenly Father Keeps his blessings upon you and your family. Wishing you all the best and a happy blessed year 2013.


Sweet September…

It’s only amazing and above expectation what has happened to us in September. We knew that we have to bring Megane in South Africa for medical check-up and treatment. But how to get there and how much will it cost was another issue. We are eternally thankful about how the Lord worked it out for us. We trusted the Lord our God for Divine intervention and miraculous provision. He answered and provided faithfully to our every need. He opened doors to appointments and to meet key people.

I met Cynthia in 2003 when I was on training with Youth for Christ. We became good friends but lost contact for about 9 years.

Only two weeks  before knowing that we are going to SA,I got a friend request and a message on FB. It was Cynthia. She stated that she has noticed that we are coming to SA and that she is offering her help and assistance. She managed to get us appointment to the Bharagwanath  hospital, she filled the forms and assisted us as a sister. She organized a special meeting with a friend, Dr Mary that wrote a referral letter to the board of doctors and to Prof Rhoda.

We met Irene some two years ago in a renewal weekend at CBC with the partnership of Southern Baptist mission team. Irene and her team were affiliated to CBC for the weekend. But we became closer on the day she lost her passport and had to manage to get a new one. Irene  left  her  apartment keys with us, she stated that we can stay as long as we wanted. She also left her car with us with a full tank. We are just so thankful as we are counting our blessings. Thanks again dear Irene.

Meeting with Jean was just a divine appointment. She  is serving in the care team at NorthCliff, Pastor ‘s George home church. The Lord prepared our way to the Eye Centre through her in a miraculous way.

According to her it was impossible to get an appointment as quick as the one we got. Normally it takes about 6 months to get you on their outpatient list. But the Lord had another plan for Megane and us. To our big surprise but with great joy,Jean came to pick us up in a Mercedes to get to the centre in NorthCliff. The drive itself was a blessing. The way she welcomed us really touched us. she was overwhelmed with love and we really sensed her caring attitude. We met Dr Jenny an eye specialist in retinal. While examining Meg she asked whether we knew Pastor Nelson Abraham as we were from Mauritius. We said with a smile yes, she replied that he was her pastor. She managed to get us another appointment but at this time with Dr Linda an eye consultant. They both did not charge us for tests they made.

We met our old friends, the Abraham family. We shared our memories and stories. We laughed and prayed. We had wonderful  time of fellowship with them. We visited a church with Pastor Nelson where we were able to minister to the church members in worship. It was a blessed time, we felt that we were at the right place in the right moment. We were able to meet Frank and Joy Pretorius  sharing about missions and testimonies. We really enjoyed the fellowship. Frank dropped us at the airport. Thanks again dear.

God provided a space in our busy week to meet with Pstr Brian Watts and his lovely family. They worked with the Glenvista Baptist church. We had fellowship around the Afrikaans traditional milk tart with coffee and juice. It was a blessed time and we connected immediately. We are praying for you guys.

Controversy of Diagnostic

After talking about the key people got put on our way, we had a complete opposite diagnostic about Megane’s state of health. We knew after the tests that God has intervene in our favour.  Megane is freed from Lennox gastaut syndrome. Believe it or not whether it was a mistake or not,we know in whom we have believe and we know that our God is able to do much more beyond expectations and that He is able to change time and circumstances. To him all things are POSSIBLE.

We had opportunity to minister to the Amakhaya children shelter in Lenasia south. We blessed the children with some oranges. My heart was blessed to be at the shelter with Nadine and Megane. I worked there some 9 years ago.

If I had to resume this past month, I will say that God has always been in control and He has made everything worked together for our good.

Thank You

Words are not enough to express our gratitude. We are in awe before him. Thank you dear Lord for all… for your directions, provision and for the beloved people you put on our way.

Special Thanks to;

Jonathan Vellen and El Shaddai Gospel choir.A2J, Radio Ado,Kerusso, Caleb & friends

Jocelyn Achille, Jonas MJ,David H,Ketcia, Manoúshka,Samuel, Amy,Cedric,Agilen &Family

Curepipe Baptist church,BCN,Highlands Baptist church, Free Academic tuition Students,Mervin P & CCCM

Our beloved parents, close relatives, close friends and to all that have contributed to make the SA trip possible.




The Bible says in the book of Philippians 4:4 <Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say Rejoice.>

The word always means anytime, every day and in every circumstances. Even it was tough but we learned a song that says Jesus you are the centre of my JOY. He is our refuge in time of storm and our strength. He has set us free and there’s no condemnation on those who has dedicated their lives to him. We rejoice in Him with our brothers and sisters who have decided to follow him through the waters of baptism on the 15th July 2012.


International/local Baptism candidates service and get together.


Coffee prayer meeting at CBC

The Lord blessed us with the presence of the Baya family  and Andre was our guest speaker in our  coffee prayer meeting. It was a good time of fellowship.




Lunch at Shelter and donation from Australian friends

The Andrews family and friends from Australia made a generous donation towards the shelter of Forest Side. The children were blessed with a delicious Briani, vegetables for the week and some very good fruits.



Meeting  Pstr  Lala from Bordeaux

CBC were blessed with the visit of Pastor Lala and his family from Bordeaux. He was able to minister to us in our prayer meeting due to his short visit in the Island.






 The Pool family has opened their home for cell group at Camp Caval, Curepipe. 

Prayer Breakfast

The Bible says in the Psalms 5 :3,

In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice;
in the morning I lay my requests before you
and wait expectantly.

We had our first prayer breakfast at CBC and it was a real blessing.



Praise Day BAM

For the Praise day, CBC and Highlands Baptist church put a praise team together to lead the events. Our youth were very excited and with the help of our Canadian sister Annelise, we were able to put a choir on. Rehearsals were a time of team building and fellowship.Nadine printed our T-shirts with the word PRAISE in several languages.



CBC Praise Team special service 26th Aug

We are striving hard to build a CBC praise Team to lead worship on Sunday services. There’s still lot to do but we rejoice that the Lord has blessed us with some gifted and committed folks. Keep us in your prayers.



Megane’s 5th birthday

It was very hard to hear that Megane was diagnosed with the Lennox gastaut syndrome and that there is no cure for that disease. But as at her birth doctors said that she will not live long, we still remember the text in Mk 4 where Jesus said to Jairus don’t care about these words only trust and believe. This year Megane celebrated her 5th birthday. For us it is a miracle.



Fundraising activities to go to South Africa

Our beloved friends from the El Shaddai choir,A2J, Kerusso, Blessed Events, J&J, Caleb& Friends, Radio Ado, and all our friends,CBC church members, helped in organising a fundraising concert to cover the cost of the trip to SA and medical expenses. It was really a love shared experience, where everyone worked together for Megane’s treatment. The church was full. We were able to testify God’s faithfulness and love toward us and how He has provided to our every need.The Concert was titled: One Word from Heaven (Together for Megane)

 Car Wash animation RadioAdo and El Shaddai

Our Young Adult team was really motivated and gave their best to support us in fundraising for Megane. Our Free academic tuition students were wholeheartedly involved. Radio Ado and El Shaddai Gospel choir were there for animation.The event were live on the internet.Thanks again dear for all.

Drivers while waiting were invited to buy refreshments and softdrinks to our pre-organized foodcourt in the building next to the church. The catering team were awesome.

We thank the Lord for the people He has blessed with. They have shown their love and supported us fully. May God keeps his blessings upon you all.Thank you all for your prayers and support.

ARTICLE 5PLUS par Christophe Karghoo

Opération solidarité pour Mégane

À sa naissance, les médecins ne lui donnaient pas longtemps à vivre. Pourtant, elle a aujourd’hui presque 5 ans et continue à se battre. Mais pour son traitement qui c

oûte énormément, ses parents font un appel à la générosité des Mauriciens…

Elle a 4 ans et demi. Et depuis sa naissance, chaque jour est pour elle un combat. Pour manger, pour sourire… pour vivre. Mégane Mollet n’est pas une petite fille comme les autres. Née au sixième mois de grossesse de sa mère, elle fait face depuis, à une série de complications de santé, mais malgré les obstacles, elle s’accroche, elle tient bon, pour le plus grand bonheur de ses parents, Nadine et Bruno, qui devant son courage ont décidé de se battre pour elle coûte que coûte.

«Lorsque notre fille est née, elle ne faisait que 1,1 kg. Les médecins ne lui donnaient pas longtemps à vivre. Elle avait beaucoup de complications, saignait abondamment mais contre toute attente, elle a déjoué toutes les prédictions et s’est accrochée à la vie et aujourd’hui, elle va sur ses 5 ans et continue à faire montre d’une volonté incroyable», nous confie Bruno Mollet.

Il faut dire, effectivement, que la petite Mégane n’a pas eu une vie tranquille. Entre le lourd traitement, les interventions à la tête et les médicaments à prendre au quotidien, ses parents font tout pour la soulager. Car la fillette souffre du syndrome de Lennox Gastaut, qui est une encéphalopathie épileptique sévère, associée à un retard mental. Elle est ainsi victime de crises épileptiques fréquentes, d’un arrêt neuro-développemental ou d’une régression avec des troubles d’apprentissage et des troubles du comportement.

«Mégane n’est absolument pas autonome. Elle a besoin d’assistance pour tout ce qu’elle fait mais ce qui est admirable, c’est qu’elle se montre forte et cela nous aide, mon épouse et moi, à y croire. C’est en grande partie grâce à notre foi et au soutien de nos proches qu’on continue à lutter», ajoute Bruno.

Et pour continuer ce combat, les parents de Mégane font appel à la générosité des Mauriciens car la fillette doit se rendre à l’étranger, notamment en Afrique du Sud, pour se faire soigner. Un concert sera ainsi organisé le samedi 25 août, en l’église Baptiste de Curepipe, à partir de 18 heures. Les billets seront prochainement en vente à Rs 75. Pour plus d’informations et pour ceux qui veulent l’aider, vous pouvez consulter le site : Un numéro de compte à la Mauritius Commercial Bank est aussi disponible : 000322787173… pour permettre à Mégane de continuer à se battre.

Fund Raising organisé par le EL SHADDAI GOSPEL CHOIR & FRIENDS pour la fille de Bruno & Nadine Mollet, Megane qui doit aller en Afrique du Sud pour un examen médical.

Plusieurs groupes seront présens pour animer la soirée, le 25 août prochain à l’Eglise Baptiste de Curepipe à partir de 18hr afin d’apporter leur soutien à la famille Mollet.
Les billets du concert seront prochainement mises en vente à Rs75.

Fund Raising organized by the El Shaddai GOSPEL CHOIR & FRIENDS for the daughter of Bruno & Nadine Mollet, Megane who must go to South Africa for a medical examination.

Several groups shall be present to enliven the evening on August 25th at the Baptist Church of Curepipe from 18hr to give their support to the Mollet Family …Tickets for the concert will soon be sold at Rs75.




I read this morning that the more we think about God’s word, the less we think about our worries. Meditating on God’s word will strengthen us to face our giants, cross the rivers and overcome the tempest of life. Thou it has been very hard these past days the Lord never left us down. He remains faithful and this is a wonderful privilege that we have as Christians.


The aim of the Baptist family Day is to bring all the churches together for fellowship, to encourage and strengthen relationship between members. We had a wonderful at the Tombeau Bay Evangelical church complex for this special event. CBC had to rent a bus to get there but we enjoyed our time in praise, worship, testimonies , games, lunch and ice- cream.


Caring for the needy is one of our priority. Personally I believe it is a way to demonstrate our LOVE and a good opportunity to share to the lost. With the CBC young adults group we raised a lunch for 40 girls in the Shelter and for their house mothers. They delighted when they saw the KFC boxes on their tables. The Lord has opened a door for us there and we want to do our best to testify God’s love to them through our own life and through our giving.


As planned since the beginning of this year about the project “WIN ONE FOR JESUS”, we did not want to miss the opportunity from Pstr Nhamo of International commission . An evangelistic week  from the 1st to 9th June 2012.

The theme was Peace in and Unstable world and we ran a student conference at the same time and the scheduled was as follows: CBC EVANGELISTIC WEEK IN PARTNERSHIP WITH INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION


Friday 1st June Team arrival 11:30 am
Saturday 2nd June Opening Rally 2:00 pm
Sunday 3rd June Team at CBC service 10:00 am
Monday 4th to Friday 8th Meeting with IC Team 8:30 am
House appointments 9:00 to 12:00 am
House appointments 1:00 to 2:00 pm
Student Seminar (No to Suicide) 3:00 to 4:30 pm
Monday 4th  & Friday 8th June @CBC CBC Evangelistic Nights 6:30 t0 7:30 pm
5th,6th,7th Stelio,Anoskha,Sonne(House evangelism program) 6:30 to 7:30
9 June Closing Rally 3:00 pm
10 Team Departure 6:00 pm


Cite Anoshka…

We planned to share HOT HALIM to the people of the community of Cite Anoshka and witness God’s love with them…


With this bunch of youngsters coming to CBC for free Academic tuition weekly and club on Saturdays our budget was not sufficient. With the help of a zealous and motivated team, we organised a flea market to raise fund to adjust with the budget and cover the extra cost. The event brought a spirit of togetherness that is benefit for the church. We praise God that even it was organized in a very short noticed, the Lord has blessed us.


My heart is filled with joy when born again Christians take the decision to testify in public (through Baptism) about their personal resolution that brought them to salvation by receiving Christ as their Lord and Savior. It is much more vibrant and exciting when these people are from your Church.

Our Baptism Class was mostly based on a five sessions courses where we covered the following points.

  • My Testimony (How to prepare…)
  • Confessing Christ
  • Baptism (Meaning and understanding)
  • Revision works
  • Preparation for the big day.


Friends from the El shaddai gospel choir and CBC Team joined hands together to put a concert on to help two families namely Anojee and Figaro. The two familes have children that need financial support to cover expensive medical treatments. By God’s grace we raised about Rs 40,000 for each family. The event took place in the Willougby Auditorium at curepipe on the Saturday 7th of July.